• Cardiac Physiotherapy

      Cardiac Physiotherapy

      Physiotherapists play a vital role within the multi disciplinary team ( MBT) delivering Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation .

    • Chiro Therapy

      Chiro Therapy

      Chiro Therapy is a form of physiotherapy that is given to patients suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

    • Chiropractor


      Chiro Therapy is performed by a chiropractor/ form of advanced physiotherapy that is given to the patient suffering from disorders of the

    • Cupping Therapy

      Cupping Therapy

      Cupping therapy is another form of medication treatment. In this therapy, suction is created on the skin with the help of plastic or

    • Dry Needling

      Dry Needling

      Dry needling is intramuscular stimulation used by many health experts, physical therapists, physicians, and chiropractors.

    • Gynaecological Physiotherapy

      Gynaecological Physiotherapy

      Gynaecological physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that treats the urological and urogynaecological , natal ,



      Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who suffer from neurological disorder. These disorder are those affecting the brain,

    • Nurses Services

      Nurses Services

      Nursing is medical health profession. They are health care professionals, they mainly focus on the care of individual patients,

    • Orthopedic Physiotherapy

      Orthopedic Physiotherapy

      Orthopedic physiotherapy is term used to describe the field of physiotherapy, which relates to disorder of the musculoskeletal system.

    • Physiotherapy


      Also known as physical therapy, is one of the aelied health professions. Physiotherapy is provided as a primary care treatment or

    • Post Covid Rehabilitation

      Post Covid Rehabilitation

      Having a stroke breaks crucial associations between your cerebrum and your muscles, which is the reason it is the main source of

    • Sports Physiotherapy

      Sports Physiotherapy

      Sports physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that provides instant treatment to the sportsperson such as – Cricketer,

There are various types of therapies that cater to different medical conditions and areas of the body. Here are explanations of some specific therapies:

Cardiac Therapy

Focuses on the rehabilitation of individuals with heart-related issues. It often includes exercises, lifestyle modifications, and education on heart health.

It can help

improve your body and heart. reduce heart disease symptoms like chest pain. Educate you on how to have a better quality of life

Gynecological Therapy

Specifically designed for women’s health, this therapy addresses issues related to the female reproductive system. It may include pelvic floor exercises, pain management, and postpartum care.

Neurological Therapy

Targets conditions affecting the nervous system, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or spinal cord injuries. Rehabilitation aims to improve mobility, coordination, and overall function.

A medical professional-supervised program called neurological rehabilitation is designed for patients with illnesses, injuries, or nervous system disorders.

Orthopedic Therapy

Concentrates on musculoskeletal conditions, including joint and bone issues. It involves exercises, manual therapy, and education to manage and prevent orthopedic problems.

Sports Chiropractic

Focuses on musculoskeletal issues related to sports injuries. Chiropractors may use adjustments, soft tissue techniques, and rehabilitation exercises to help athletes recover.

Cupping Therapy

Involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This is believed to promote blood flow, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from muscle tension. It’s often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Approximate cost of cup therapy at centers that provide cupping therapy. The cost of cupping therapy for 20 to 40 minutes is about between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 7,000.

Dry Needling

A technique in which thin needles are inserted into trigger points in muscles, aiming to alleviate pain and improve muscle function. It is often used in physical therapy. Latrogenic injury to blood vessels, nerves, spinal cord, internal organs, implanted devices, or infection are among the risks associated with dry needling.

Physical Therapy

Encompasses a wide range of therapies to restore and improve physical function and mobility. This includes exercises, manual therapy, and modalities to treat various conditions.

Occupational Therapy

It focuses on helping individuals regain independence in their daily activities. It addresses physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges through therapeutic interventions.

Speech Therapy

Aims to improve communication and speech-related disorders. It may involve exercises, language development, and strategies to enhance oral motor skills.

Respiratory Therapy

Specializes in the treatment of respiratory and pulmonary conditions. This includes breathing exercises, inhalation therapy, and education on managing respiratory issues.


Addresses mental health concerns through counselling and therapeutic interventions. Various approaches, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and psychoanalysis, are used.

These therapies are often provided by healthcare professionals with specialized training in their respective fields. The choice of therapy depends on the patient’s condition and the goals of treatment. Always consult with healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate therapy for your specific needs.

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