• Erb’s palsy

    Erb’s palsy

    Erb’s palsy Introduction : Erb’s palsy : Erb’s palsy a disorder caused by brachial plexus injury after childbirth. Erb’s palsy most commonly affects the muscles and nerves in the shoulder and upper arm, resulting in paralysis and reduced range…

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  • Sprengel Shoulder

    Sprengel Shoulder

    Sprengel Shoulder What is Sprengel shoulder : commonly known as Sprengel deformity, is a congenital shoulder ailment that affects children exclusively. This syndrome is distinguished by aberrant scapula (shoulder blade) development, which causes functional and…

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  • Spina bifida

    Spina bifida

    Spina bifida : Define Spina Bifida? Spina bifida is a spine disorder that is usually detectable at birth. It’s an example of a neural tube defect (NTD). Spina bifida can occur anywhere along the spine if the neural tube fails to shut completely. Spina…

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  • Down Syndrome

    Down Syndrome

    Down Syndrome :- Understanding the Condition and Embracing Inclusion Discover what Down syndrome is and gain a comprehensive understanding of this genetic condition. Explore the symptoms, causes, and available support for individuals with Down syndrome. Join…

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