• Patient has to inform the scheduled visits (for cancellation) before 9am to the physiotherapist.
• If the patient is unable to attend the session somehow the particular day ; he/she has to inform at least 3 hrs. prior the therapy session.
• if anyhow patient fails to inform at least 3 hrs. before; he/she will be charged for the session itself.
• If the patient wants to cancel the visit for particular day, he/she has to inform the therapist either early morning or a day before the scheduled session.
• If the patient fails to inform to cancel the session and physio reaches on the scheduled time; then therapy will be chargeable as per regularity.
• If the patient complaints regularly about the treatment for a genuine cause; then the physio will be changed for next therapy sessions.
• If patient doesn’t get satisfied even after changing the therapist , then the remaining amount of the package will be refunded after Per session deduction.
• After confirming the package of the therapy sessions/sittings, if the patient denies to have sessions further without information ; DKPS has the right to change therapist and timings scheduled.

• If the patient wants to cancel the session ; he/she has to give genuine validation with reason for cancelling the therapy session, with in 72 hours after cancellation his or her remaining amount will be credited in same account ( patient account, UPI I’d).
• After verification of the cancellation by DKPS ; 20% cancellation charges will be apply from total Remaining amount.

. After confirmation ( cancellation) with in 72 hours rest amount will be transferred in patient account.
. Only online payment will be acceptable for any cancellation.

. For any kind of cancellation policy registration of the physiotherapist is mandatory on the DKPS platform.

. Whenever a physiotherapist visits the patient’s home on behalf of DKPS company, he or she (Patient) must check and varify Physiotherapist profile on DKPS Plateform.

. DKPS payment receiving mode- Payment link, drsinghphysiocare UPI I’d – 8743896224@paytm, (Paytm, Phone pay, Google pay number- 8743896224 will be acceptable.

• According to DKPS policy ; 70:30 is the share amount out of the whole collection physiotherapist and DKPS respectively i.e 70% to therapist and 30% to the DKPS.

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