Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who suffer from neurological disorder. These disorder are those affecting the brain,

    • Gynaecological Physiotherapy

      Gynaecological Physiotherapy

      Gynaecological physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that treats the urological and urogynaecological , natal ,

    • Orthopedic Physiotherapy

      Orthopedic Physiotherapy

      Orthopedic physiotherapy is term used to describe the field of physiotherapy, which relates to disorder of the musculoskeletal system.

    • Cupping Therapy

      Cupping Therapy

      Cupping therapy is another form of medication treatment. In this therapy, suction is created on the skin with the help of plastic or

    • Dry Needling

      Dry Needling

      Dry needling is intramuscular stimulation used by many health experts, physical therapists, physicians, and chiropractors.

    • Chiropractor


      Chiro Therapy is performed by a chiropractor/ form of advanced physiotherapy that is given to the patient suffering from disorders of the

    • Nurses Services

      Nurses Services

      Nursing is medical health profession. They are health care professionals, they mainly focus on the care of individual patients,

    • Post Covid Rehabilitation

      Post Covid Rehabilitation

      Having a stroke breaks crucial associations between your cerebrum and your muscles, which is the reason it is the main source of

    • Physiotherapy


      Also known as physical therapy, is one of the aelied health professions. Physiotherapy is provided as a primary care treatment or

    • Cardiac Physiotherapy

      Cardiac Physiotherapy

      Physiotherapists play a vital role within the multi disciplinary team ( MBT) delivering Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation .

    • Sports Physiotherapy

      Sports Physiotherapy

      Sports physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that provides instant treatment to the sportsperson such as – Cricketer,

    • Chiro Therapy

      Chiro Therapy

      Chiro Therapy is a form of physiotherapy that is given to patients suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

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